For Your Viewing Pleasure

Change…can create Peace.


Change can be good. It may feel overwhelming before you begin to change your environment, but once you do…your life can become fuller, richer, more peaceful. I upgraded my old, worn-out, white carpet to a beautiful Navy Antelope. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and lightness. This blue carpet, is in my Career Section, and I’m looking forward to good things to come. Below are the Before and After images.

In this video, I share the feelings I have had since replacing my old, worn-out carpet.

Clean it up! (Health Gua Rescue)


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or sick? Does your brain feel muddled and chaotic?

If so…Clean and Declutter the Health section of your home or office. Watch my video, to learn more!

Desk Feng Shui

Success at work! Side view of desk. The plant, on the side of the desk, is shielding my client from a messy, unorganized company on the other side of him.

Front view of desk. Notice the Feng Shui elements used.

My specialty is creating desk space, within a crowded office building, that promotes success. You can be in a cubicle and I can help you feel like you have an abundant, successful area to work. People will flock to your desk, deals will be made, organization will keep your mind clear…all while feeling that beautiful Feng Shui Flow.