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A taste of my work

Before and After

I replaced dingy, old carpet with a beautiful, navy carpet in the Career section of the home. The fireplace mantle is in the Creativity and Children section and calls for white and metal objects.

Before Video

After Video

Beautiful Wood

Can you feel the Harmony here?

Beautiful Desk Design

This desk is located in Dallas at the Old Parkland Campus. There is very little privacy and one side of this location has a group of messy, unorganized desks. My specialty is creating desk space, within a crowded office building, that promote success. You can be in a cubicle and still feel like you have an abundant, successful area to work. People will flock to your desk, deals will be made, organization will keep your mind clear…all while feeling that beautiful Feng Shui Flow.

Project: New Job

This Boss Mom would like a new adventure, at work. I helped her update the Career Corner of her home by: removing ashes, adding water elements (rug and aquarium), and brought in more lights. Let’s Illuminate it…Can’t wait to see where she’s headed next!

Project: Bachelor


Is a new home in his future?


Project: Bachelorette

Before: This Bachelorette is ready to let Love in. The only missing Gua she had in her home, was the Marriage/Relationship Corner. The room was her miscellaneous room, so everything Extra ended up here. She didn’t like to come in this room.

After: She painted, added a new bed, she’ll keep the light on continuously, to let the Love flow. She added positive words in the form of pictures and cleaned up her desk. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tips and Tricks

Shine On

Rose Quartz is the Best, especially in Lamp form.

Career Gua

Make sure your Career Section (Gua) is clean, dust free, and clutter free. This will ensure a healthy, free flowing, unobstructed Career.

Sage Spray Video

Sage Spray is wonderful! #PaloSanto #sacredspray


No Judgment, only LOVE & SUPPORT.

Health Section

Clean up your Health Section. This leads to a clearer mind and stronger body.


Change is Good. Yes, it can be scary, but you are strong enough. Let fresh energy flow.